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Access Professional Social Learning Tools at Home

A Learning Tool Your Kids
Will Actually Enjoy Using

Personalized avatars put your child at the center of every social story, helping them engage more easily. Stories and games are designed to be fun and interactive. Children are excited to use the tool, reducing resistance and making learning an enjoyable experience.

Learning Tool Your Kids Will Enjoy

User-Friendly Professional

Speech Kingdom offers professional-grade tools that are easy to navigate and use, allowing parents to effectively support their child's learning and progress without needing specialized training.

User-Friendly resources

Speech Kingdom empowers parents with tools to enhance their child's speech and social communication skills. By providing easy-to-use, professional-level resources, Speech Kingdom helps improve behaviors and fosters effective communication. It supports overall development, making learning engaging and enjoyable for both parents and children.

parent with child


Productive Screen Time

Speech Kingdom turns screen time into a productive learning experience, helping kids develop crucial skills while engaging in fun activities. Social stories and games are presented at various developmental levels, meeting children where they are and helping them progress at their own pace.

Support your child's learning with Speech Kingdom, a valuable tool for productive screen time.

dad helping child
Improve Daily Behaviors

Your child's custom avatar is the main character in every story, making lessons less abstract, more engaging, and significantly more effective. Lessons encourage language development, improve social skills, model appropriate behaviors, and promote positive interactions with peers and adults.

Speech Kingdom helps children navigate and succeed in behavior management.

Your child's custom avatar
Interactive Learning for Real-Life Situations

Our platform focuses on real-life scenarios such as school situations, holidays, family outings, and social gatherings. This approach ensures that your child learns to handle themselves better in a variety of settings.

Empower your child with practical skills for any situation.

real-life scenarios
Develop Perspective Taking

Instead of just reading along, children hear the inner thoughts of various characters. Each illustration concentrates on body language and facial expressions to improve social learning. Kids learn to understand different perspectives, improving their abstract thinking, social skills, and empathy through engaging narratives and character interactions.

Children boost social skills and empathy by hearing characters' thoughts and observing detailed expressions.

hear the inner thoughts of various characters
Support for Speech, Special Education,
​​​​​​​and Behavior Therapies

Speech Kingdom's tools support various therapies, making it easier for parents to provide additional support at home and enhancing the overall effectiveness of professional therapy sessions

Tools to enhance therapy effectiveness and support parents in providing additional home support.

parent teaching child
Collaborative Care

Securely share your child's progress with other caregivers, therapists, or educators involved in their care. Clear communication with all parties fosters collaboration and understanding, creating a cohesive support network for your child.

Securely share your child's progress with teachers and therapists to promote collaboration and understanding.

your child's progress
Fun and Engaging Activities

Interactive games help reinforce language and social goals in an enjoyable way. These activities offer exciting methods to practice skills, enhancing learning outcomes in an amusing and dynamic manner. Regularly updated and add-ons provided at no additional cost, these games keep learning fresh and fun.

Interactive games reinforce language and social goals, offering fun and dynamic skill practice with regularly updated content.

Interactive game
Extensive Content

Ditch outdated card decks! Speech Kingdom’s vast database of content with hundreds of customization options ensures children stay engaged and challenged, preventing boredom and promoting continuous learning.

Speech Kingdom’s extensive content library, with hundreds of customization options, keeps children engaged and continuously learning.

database of content
Support for Parents

Speech Kingdom’s user-friendly platform and comprehensive set of tools help reduce the stress of managing your child’s therapy, making it easier for you to actively participate in their learning and development journey.

Speech Kingdom’s user-friendly tools help reduce the stress of managing your child’s therapy, making active participation easier.

comprehensive set of tools

Speech Kingdom Family Editionfor Home Use

parents watching child learn

Speech Kingdom grants parents access to
professional tools with intuitive navigation
for effortless use

5 stars

While the Speech Kingdom platform presents best on Chromebooks, Windows computers, Apple computers, and tablets, it is compatible with virtually any WIFI-enabled device.