Welcome to the land
Of Social Communication

Speech Kingdom leverages advanced AI technology to develop personalized educational curricula tailored to the unique needs of students with special needs, including those with ASD and ADHD. Educators and therapists answer a few multiple-choice questions and input specific behavioral details and/or IEP goals. In minutes, our AI-powered curriculum engine crafts a custom plan that aligns precisely with each student’s behaviors and requirements.

How We Help

Personalization Aids Teaching

Stories with your student’s custom-created avatar as the main subject make lessons far more relatable than impersonal videos or stories with strangers. Students engage deeply and generalize learned behaviors effectively when they can relate directly to their learning materials, improving retention and overall learning outcomes.

Time-Saving, Well-Researched Content

Speech Kingdom’s growing library of more than 160 social stories in 4 developmental levels allows teachers to concentrate on teaching instead of spending valuable school and personal time on busywork. Each story, researched by teams of educators, parents, therapists, and other professionals, is thoughtfully curated, providing content you can trust.

AI-Tailored Educational Plans

Our advanced AI technology intelligently crafts custom SEL curricula based on each student's unique issues and Individual Education Plan (IEP). This AI-driven approach ensures that every curriculum aligns with specific goals and student needs, allowing real time monitoring of their progress.

Collaboration for Unified Support

Safely, securely share your student’s Speech Kingdom account with other educators, therapists and parents, free of charge. Account sharing fosters a supportive network around the student. Professionals and parents stay informed about student progress, extend learning from the classroom or center to the home, and collectively encourage growth and development.

Legal Protection through Transparency

Our comprehensive IEP reporting module provides schools and therapy centers with detailed insights into each student’s progress, aligned with their (IEP) goals. This transparency is crucial for tracking educational outcomes, and for mitigating legal risks and acrimony with parents. Clear, measurable evidence of goal attainment and compliance helps safeguard educators against potential litigation while building a trusting relationship with parents and guardians.

Product Features

Speech Kingdom helps your special education students improve behaviors while enhancing their speech and social communication skills.

Personalized interactive social stories and games address:

  • Classroom Behaviors

  • Attention and Focus

  • Social and Friendship Skills

  • Perspective Taking

  • Safety

  • Executive Function

  • Reading and Comprehension


While the Speech Kingdom platform presents best on Chromebooks, Windows computers, Apple computers, and tablets, it is compatible with virtually any WIFI-enabled device.