About Us

A Note from the Founders of Speech Kingdom

We are two successful software entrepreneurs. More importantly, we are the very proud parents of triplets - two identical and one fraternal - all beautiful girls. At 30 months, the identical girls were diagnosed with Speech Apraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), one profound and the other severe. Our fraternal girl is neurotypical.

Our mission was simple and singular - relentless pursuit to help our girls with whatever it would take to help them lead happy and productive lives. After years of therapy, according to the experts, one of our girls completely lost her diagnoses. As of this writing, our other identical who, by the way, is a piano prodigy, is improving on a daily basis, and is making remarkable progress.

We are "computer people." Because our kids were drawn to electronic devices (iPods, iPads, computers), as we proceeded through our journey, we searched high and low for apps or other software - anything that could possibly help our girls. We found dozens of apps that looked hopeful, but were either too simple and provided very short-term engagement, or were simply ineffective. Videos were of no particular interest, as our girls really were not interested in looking at groups of strangers.

In early 2013, we embarked on a new mission - to "build a better mousetrap." We put together a team with the sole purpose of taking the therapies that produced positive results for our daughters and translating them to software that would help other children. We pulled our resources and talent from our prior company and therapists who we met along our journey with our girls. Knowing that Speech Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Educational Therapy are extraordinarily costly, we endeavored to make our offering accessible to as many users as possible without sacrificing quality.

Our team consists of "the best of the best," including:

  • Gifted Programmers

  • Dedicated Therapists

  • Graphic Artists on the West and East Coast

  • Grateful Investors who share our interest in "Paying it Back"

  • Educators

Speech Kingdom was born. To this day, we use Speech Kingdom on a daily basis with one of our own daughters. Whether you are a Therapist, Parent, or a Teacher, we truly hope that your children/students enjoy using our tools as well.

Welcome to the Kingdom!


Lois and David Kalmick

While the Speech Kingdom platform presents best on Chromebooks, Windows computers, Apple computers, and tablets, it is compatible with virtually any WIFI-enabled device.